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Sue Hufton, Issima Owner

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From Occasional Furniture to Soft Furnishings, stylish Ornaments to functional pieces, there is a wide range of items to enhance any home - for your own indulgence or as gifts for friends and family. The examples shown here are just a small selection of the wide range of items available. There is so much more to browse through and choose from.

Style and Elegance

That’s what we pride ourselves on at ISSIMA. Browse at your leisure...

That Glazed Look

These striking, rustic glazed Candlesticks and Storage Jars are both functional and ornamental.

Sentimental Signs

We have an extensive range of stunning and stylish signs in various sizes that will make a real statement in any home.

Scandinavian Style

These lovely baskets from Cozy Living are just one example of  extensive ranges from several Scandinavian suppliers.