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Sue Hufton, Issima Owner

Normal Opening Times:
10am - 5pm Monday to Friday

9am - 5pm Saturday

Ladies’ Fashion

Our fashion lines are constantly changing and, usually, when they’re gone they’re gone! Typical ranges are tops, cardigans, scarves, belts, bags, footwear, complemented with a range of jewellery and accessories. Naturally, there are seasonal offerings and the products shown here are just examples of the wide range of items available in the store.

At right we have two lovely examples of Amet & Ladoue scarves, along with a pair of delightful Pumps from French Sole. The cardigan and top below are gorgeous examples from our Ochre Cashmere range. There is much more in store, of course, reflecting the seasons and current colours & tastes. But one thing that is a constant is quality. Our suppliers are carefully selected from within the UK and across Europe to ensure best quality at best price at all times. The lines are ever-changing, so please pop in store to see the latest.

Matching Sets

Lots of options for matching - and don’t forget the jewellery!

Clutch Bags & Scarves

These lovely examples are from Malissa J and Shruti (Scarf) .

Keep Cosy

There’s nothing worse than cold feet! These Ruby+Ed slippers are the answer, with various colours and sizes to choose from.